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His & Hers Outdoors TV Season 3, episode 3



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132 thoughts on “Here at His & Hers Outdoors TV

  1. Rebecca Burr

    I’m looking for different sites and came across yours on Facebook. I recently bought a new truck but all my decals went with the old truck. Does your site/business have window decals? Do you post pictures of your fans’ deer/harvest?

  2. Jeromy Allen

    I love to hunt whitetail deer the most. But I will hunt just about anything. Really enjoyed your promo. Thank yoy!!

  3. Pat Rayta

    bear. it’s what’s for dinner. What other animal out there taste’s as good as a bear, can provide you either with a nice warm rug, or mount, and give you jewelry at the same time?> Best meat walking.

  4. April Griffis

    I love your page on FB! I love that there is a place to see other couples hunting together! My husband and I LOVE to hunt whitetail! :)

  5. Amanda Rawlins

    My favorite animal to hunt is turkey…although I thoroughly enjoyed shooting an armadillo with my bow in Texas last year! :)

  6. april champlin

    Im not much of a hunter but my husband is he loves hunting whatever is in season lol. Im wanting to support him and maybe even hunting one day.

  7. Joe Baker

    I love yalls group on Facebook and now love yalls website Im definitely hooked!!! and my favorite animal to hunt is the eastern wild turkey, It’s challenging and exciting and so beautiful!!!!

  8. Marie Husnick

    I love your FB page. My boyfriend and I hunt together and we love it. Each of us are there to support and cheer on the other. We love to hunt turkeys, pronghorn and whitetail and mule deer. Our favorite to hunt is whitetail deer because we live 1/10th of a mile from an entrance to the Black Hills National Forest and we have taken many whitetails in the 8 1/2 years we have lived here and most of those were within a mile of our house.

  9. Lindsey Hillary

    BEAR. For my 30th Bday thats what I’m givin myself another bear hunt this time with my other half :)
    Remember I’m like the girl version of Ricky Bobby!! And I wanna shirt!! Thanks :)

  10. Keith Freyenhagen

    Great FB page. Good to see women as well as men hunting. Getting kids involved is also a gtreat idea. I enjoy archery whitetail the most.

  11. Jenni Roberts

    My favorite animal to hunt would have to be Whitetail……..However I do enjoy fishing for catfish more often then hunt!! You’re Facebook page is awesome, thanks for the contests!!

  12. Theresa Loosemore

    My boyfriend and I bow hunt together non-stop! Love seeing others share the passion. We hunt whitetail and axis.

  13. Kirby S.

    I am new to hunting. I started archery shoots a few years ago to spend extra time with my husband. Just this last year I went shotgun hunting white tail and loved it. So excited for the season this 2013!!

  14. nichole miller

    Love your FB page.. i love hunting turkeys i love calling them in and seeing them do their drumming its awesome and deff a rush when they ans back ive gone turkey hunting 5 months pregnant and cant wait to teach my son the ropes and hunt as a family..

  15. Michael Greer

    Love the name of His and Hers Outdoors. More husbands and wives should hunt together. If it weren’t for my wife and I having 5 little ones, we’d spend more time together in the woods. One day we will. !!!

  16. Christie Sorensen

    Cool site!! I love to hunt whitetail deer with the now or rifle (270 Winchester short mag) especially in the rut. It is cool th watch how the act and react. Gives a good adrenalin. Especially when they get reeeeal close while bow hunting. :)

  17. Lacie Senft

    Hey!! I’m Lacie from South Central Pennsylvania and my favorite animal to hunt is Deer!! :) ) The best part about deer hunting is sitting out in the woods with my husband and enjoying our quality time doing what we love best. There is no better feeling in the world then when we can share the excitement of getting a deer and congratulate each other. The 2nd best part about it is when we get tougher as a family and help butcher each others deer :) ) Hunting is amazing as well as Bass fishing is too!!

  18. Shelly Priest

    Love your webpage! I love to deer hunt with my bow! And no matter how frustrating it gets when i dont get one it dont stop me from doin it the next year!!

  19. Melissa Osborne

    Love the site and FB page!!! My favorite animals to hunt are Moose and Elk!! I just got into Bow hunting this year and fell in love!! :)

  20. Vanessa Franklin

    Hey guys love your show can’t wait to hang out some time!! Our favorite thing to hunt is elk and turkey!!’

  21. Frank Stracener

    Love your page on acebook and the show because you all feature husban wifes and kids and friends. most of them are the guys or gals alone and the outdoors is a family affair. Love to hunt elk in Montana. Its my favorite wild meat and they are big enough to half fill the freezer. love to hear them bugle and talk. They are a great challenge Elk by far is first.

  22. Frank Stracener

    Love your page on facebook and the show because you all feature husband wifes and kids and friends. most hunting shows are the guys or gals alone and after all the outdoors is a family affair. Love to hunt elk in Montana. Its our familys favorite wild meat and they are big enough to half fill the freezer. love to hear them bugle and talk. They are a great challenge Elk by far is first. lol learned i should always proof read before i hit post lol

  23. Kimberly Williams

    Hi…I’m new to the hunting world and just came across your sight and looking forward to exploring your postings. My boyfriend has been hunting for years and I can’t wait for my first hunting trip together with him. My boyfriend is skilled at hunting with bows as well as rifles and I’m very excited to learn both. I’ve wanted to hunt since I was a small child but never got the chance to as my father passed away before I became of age. Now I’m anxious to get outwith my boyfriend and the whole family!
    Looking forward to seeing more of what you’re all about.

  24. Crystal Frederick

    Did I nake it??!! Lol. I love hunting anything that puts food on the table for my family. But mainly whitetail.

  25. ladonna v

    I haven’t started hunting yet, but I will soon. I just got a Bear bow, and I am really excited to shoot it. I can’t wait till me and my fiancee go hunting together, it’s something he’s been doing since he was a kid. I have become so fasinated in compound bows that, I have been non-stop learning about them for a couple of Months now. But the animal I will be hunting is deer, and maybe someday turkey.

  26. Laurie Renee Whitis

    I really like this picture it reminds me that in the woods with my husband brings us peace simply binds us together more as a family proving ever so true that …………..



  27. dave oates

    The very first word is “a”. 1 second into the video it, is proceded by 2013. However, following the lead in and logo, the first word is “Family”…

  28. danny hall

    awesome my wife has started hunting with me some now i really in joy her coming with me awesome web site …

  29. Charles Crowe

    Love the family commitment you have made to your viewers!! The one thing I buy into on tv shows these days is just that, passing it on! Also seeing that you aren’t limiting yourselves to one species or method is even better!!

  30. Patrick L Tynes

    Enter me in the trail camera give away thanks I just found you site threw face book looking forward to follow you guys on your hunts

  31. Doug duff

    Great show I have only caught a few episodes and definitely enjoy family oriented TV in the outdoors. I have however noticed you are sponsored by Mathews yet every kill I have seen is with a Hoyt a CRX I beleive. I assume this must be older footage.

  32. Show me the Bucks

    Just dropped by to say that you all are doing an awesome job! Love the show and also your FB page! We spend some good quality family time together watching your show. Good luck on all your hunts and God Bless!!!


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